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Practical staircase joinery

Practical staircase joinery

de Paul N. Hasluck
Practical staircase joinery
Practical staircase joinery


Practical staircase joinery


Practical Staircase Joinery contains, in a form convenient for everyday use, a comprehensive digest of information, contributed by experienced craftsmen, scattered over the columns of Building World, one of the weekly journals it is my fortune to edit, and supplies concise information on the general principles and practice of the art on which it treats.

In preparing for publication in book form the mass of relevant matter contained in the volumes of Building World, much of it necessarily had to be re-arranged and re-written. From these causes the writings of many contributors are so blended that it is difficult to distinguish any for acknowledgment.

Readers who may desire additional information respecting special details of the matters dealt with in this book, or instruction on any building trade subjects, should address a question to Building World, so that it may be answered in the columns of that journal.

I. — Introduction : Explanation of Terms ... 9
II. — Simple Form of Staircase — Housed String Stair : Measuring, Planning and Setting Out . . 16
III. — Two-flight Staircase 40
IV. — Staircase with Winders at Bottom . . . . 50
V. — Staircase with Winders at Top and Bottom . . 60
VI. — Staircase with Half-space of Winders ... 67
VII. — Staircase over an Oblique Plan . . , .73
VIII. — Staircase with Open or Cut Strings , , . 79
IX. — Cut String Staircase with Brackets . . .86
X. — Open String Staircase with Bull-nose Step . . 94
XI. — Geometrical Staircases 115
XII — Winding Staircases , .128
XIII. — Ships' Staircases 144
Index ....... . , 157


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