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The wooden bicycle around the world

The wooden bicycle around the world

de Kiriakos Iosifidis The Images Publishing Group
The wooden bicycle around the world
The wooden bicycle around the world


The wooden bicycle around the world


Up until about a century ago, wood had always been the only available material for the construction of the first bicycles, and it was as recently as the 1950s that wood was the only material used for bike wheels in all competitive cycling realms. These days, in opposition to the great industrialisation of steel manufacturing, wood and bamboo are increasingly being used to create a niche space in design within the industries of transportation, sport, art, culture and indeed modern lives in general. With the significant advances in technological research and application, wood and bamboo are increasingly being promoted as materials suitable for the construction of bicycle frames and individual bicycle components. Showcasing more than 250 designers from around the world, including craftspeople (many of them renowned bicycle makers), manufacturers and associated organisations, this book dedicates hundreds of pages to beautiful bike designs, illuminating the latest modern trends in specialist bicycle craftmanship. Set out with detailed, distinctive design dialogues from each craftsperson or manufacturer, we learn how wood and bamboo are being enhanced and developed as extremely durable, aesthetically appealing materials, and which are considered sustainable, ecologically viable, user friendly and dynamic across each application. Beautifully illustrated, with historical references and texts by experts in the trade, and backed up with technical engineering knowledge,


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Boris Beaulant
( Modifié )
Plein les yeux

Un joli livre qu'il a été donné de découvrir parce que l'auteur m'a proposé d'y placer mon Zélo.

Mais j'avoue que les 250 vélos présentés sont tous plus inspirants les uns que les autres.

Visuels de la page Zélo par ici :


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